As root:

# gpg --recv-keys DF9B9C49EAA9298432589D76DA87E80D6294BE9B
gpg: keybox '/root/.gnupg/pubring.kbx' created
key DA87E80D6294BE9B:
61 signatures not checked due to missing keys
gpg: /root/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg: trustdb created
gpg: key DA87E80D6294BE9B: public key "Debian CD signing key <debian-cd@lists.debian.org>" imported
gpg: no ultimately trusted keys found
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1

As a normal user:

$ gpg --recv-keys DF9B9C49EAA9298432589D76DA87E80D6294BE9B
gpg: keyserver receive failed: No data

Just a normal Debian 9.7 install, nothing special.

This one appears related:

gpg -recv-keys hangs when not run by root

Because, if I explicitly force it to use a particular keyserver, e.g.

$ gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys DF9B9C49EAA9298432589D76DA87E80D6294BE9B

Then it does indeed hang.

I also did some stracing:

write(3, "GETINFO version", 15)         = 15
write(3, "\n", 1)                       = 1
read(3, "D 2.1.18\nOK\n", 1002)         = 12
write(3, "KEYSERVER --clear hkp://subkeys."..., 39) = 39
write(3, "\n", 1)                       = 1
read(3, "OK\n", 1002)                   = 3
write(3, "KS_GET -- 0xDF9B9C49EAA929843258"..., 52) = 52
write(3, "\n", 1)                       = 1

3 is obviously the socket FD, and it does indeed hang on this read call. But why? Same with root when I force the keyserver.

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