I'm trying to run libvirt with VirtualBox driver without luck. We are planning to use libvirt for running out software tests in virtual machines on CI servers. Now we are testing our testing framework with different virtualization backends, including VirtualBox.

I've installed libvirt (including libvirt VirtualBox driver package if applicable) and VirtualBox from system repositories on different distributions for testing purposes:

  1. openSUSE Tumbleweed.
  2. Ubuntu 18.04.1.
  3. Manjaro 18.0.2
  4. Debian 9.7 (I installed VirtualBox from backports).

For all systems virsh -V shows VirtualBox in hypervisors drivers, so I guess libvirt is compiled properly and solution from this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2778638/libvirt-and-virtualbox-getting-started will not help.

I add a new connection with custom URL vbox:///session using virsh.

On openSUSE and Ubuntu I'm getting:

internal error: IVirtualBox object is null

On Manjaro and Debian I'm getting:

internal error: unable to initialize VirtualBox driver API

Is that me, libvirt or all GNU/Linux distributions simultaneously?

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