I am running Debian 9 (Stretch) with QEMU/KVM hosting a Windows 10 - 1809 guest. Using Spice for graphics.

I installed SPICE Guest Tools 0.141 and am able to copy/paste files and text from my Debian host to my Windows guest. However, I am unable to copy from the Windows guest to the host.

I have tried reinstalling Spice Tools on the guest. I have checked that the Channel spice has been added and it looks good to my untrained eye. I checked the guest log files for errors, with no luck.


I made it work with Debian 10 host, and a Windows 10 guest, in both directions.

install virt-manager install the spice-guest-tools in windows (it has a non-costly license on http://spice-space.org/)

find the details tab for the VM put the video qxl to qxl (other may work but slower) bottom left, click add hardware, add a channel, and put the spicevmc type with the redhat name. THis is very important for the clipboard to work.

You must restart virt-manager. It is also important you shut down the OS of the VM.

you can also use the option virt-manager --debug to see logs when you copy paste.

Here can be found more details: https://blogs.nologin.es/rickyepoderi/index.php?/archives/87-Copy-n-Paste-in-KVM.html

thanks to redhat that provided all the drivers

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