I have been trying to install the development packages of SFML and SDL2 on Debian 9 but have been unable. I cannot copy paste my log because my Debian is not english.

  • Both packages complain that libgl1-mesa-dev cannot be installed.
  • Trying to install libgl1-mesa-dev will yield a complaint that
    mesa-common-dev cannot be installed.
  • Trying to install that one yields a complaint about libdrm-dev

Now I think the root of the problem lies with libdrm2, the version installed on my machine is 2.4.95-1~bpo9+1 but all those packages expect version 2.4.74-1.

The problem is that I cannot downgrade without uninstalling about 151 packages, most of them vital.

Is there anyway to fix this?


Since you have parts of Mesa installed from backports, you need to install the rest from there too:

sudo apt -t stretch-backports libsdl2-dev libsfml-dev

SDL2 and SFML aren’t in backports, but this will instruct apt to use backports for other dependencies.

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