I am deploying a docker in Raspberry Pi 3. Inside docker I need to know the MAC of Bluetooth device. Normally I would find that using

hciconfig | grep "BD Address" | awk '{ print $3}'

hciconfig is not installed by default inside Alpine Linux. I think it comes under bluez package so I installed by adding following line in my Dockerfile:

RUN apk add --no-cache bluez

But even after that I'm unable to run hciconfig. It says

sh: hciconfig: not found

So, what's the way to install hciconfig in Alpine? Also, if there's another easier way to get the Bluetooth MAC, that would also work.

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Alpine package bluez does not include hciconfig any more. It has been deprecated and is available in bluez-deprecated.

Further, one can get BD address from latest bluez using the command:

bluetoothctl list

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