So I don’t understand because this always worked for me but after a new Arch Linux install I’m always prompted the GDM login screen.

I enabled autologin through gnome-control-center (“Connexion automatique” toggle)

which I believe updated /etc/gdm/custom.conf

# GDM configuration storage

# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg





# Uncomment the line below to turn on debugging

But this configuration still gets me the login screen on boot. Did I miss something? I’m using GDM 3.30.2

Here is the content of /var/lib/AccountsService/users/mathieu


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Okay so it seems the root cause of the issue was this log from gnome-shell:

Failed to create backend: Could not find a primary drm kms device

I don't know why, but enabling KMS during the initramfs stage solved the issue.

Enabling Intel graphics fastboot seems to do the job as well.

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