I am running Vagrant on Windows with Virtualbox. I have a vagrant base box of Ubuntu 14.04. I tried to upgrade it to 16.04 via ssh.

After the upgrade, it requires to restart. Either picking yes or no, I cannot ssh back into the VM, showing ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset

I have opened a backup port at 1022 as per instructions in the upgrade but that connection was refused as well.

How can I connect back to VM to complete the upgrade process?

edit: I have not set any ssh instructions in Vagrantfile. Also, I realize there is a base box for 16.04 (xenial64) but I want to familiarize myself with handling servers from the terminal.

  • Are you able to access the OS via VirtualBox itself? If yes, could you confirm if sshd is running and if there are any network related restrictions at OS level. – Atul Feb 11 at 18:16

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