I am working with screen and I am having a hard time with reattaching sessions where I split the screen within one session. Is this even possible?

I have tried searching for it on here and google but there doesn't seem to be any posting on this type of use-case. here are some resources I was using:

My scenario is this, when I create multiple splits within a single session, for example I run the following commands to create a session and split the screens:

screen -S multiplesplitexample

ctrl+a |

ctrl+a tab

ctrl+a c

Once I get the environment setup the way I want I then detach it by running:

ctrl+a d

now I can see my session when I run screen -ls:

root@kali:~# screen -ls
There is a screen on:
    6398.multiplesplitexample (02/09/2019 11:46:17 AM) (Detached)
1 Socket in /run/screen/S-root.

No matter what I run i.e. screen -r multiplesplitexample, screen -dRR, etc. it reattaches the screen session with only one of the screen terminals that was originally two split screen terminals within one screen.

I am able to see the two screen terminals by running

ctrl + a "

Num Name    Flags
  0 bash    $
  1 bash    $

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