I am working on PJSIP on the Cortex A8 ARM processor. I built the executable PJSIP binary using Code Sourcery Cross compiler by following command

./configure --host=arm-elf-linux.

Resulting binary doesn't got executed in ARM processor throwing

Syntax error: "(" unexpected.

My ARM processor works on linux kernel 2.6.37. Can anyone point me why am getting above error and will the PJSIP_2.1.0 supports above linux kernel and if it won't support is their any PJSIP version support for linux 2.6.37?

  • Did you really have the . on the end of the configure call? That looks wrong. – Philip Kendall Feb 9 at 13:12
  • Does that error come from the configure script itself, or from the binary you got after configure was run and you compiled the program with make or such? – ilkkachu Feb 9 at 13:55
  • Compare the output of file yourexecutable with file /bin/sh on your arm system. – Mark Plotnick Feb 9 at 13:57
  • 1
    That's because your system doesn't recognize that executable as a binary, and tries to run it as a script via /bin/sh (that's standard behavior from execvp or execlp when the execve failed with ENOEXEC). It's probably because you didn't cross-compile it as you believe, but compiled it for the platform you did the build on. The --host=arm-elf-linux- arg to configure needs a -, not a . at the end, as PhilipKendall already remarked – mosvy Feb 9 at 14:58
  • What does file(1) says about that binary? What does uname -a says about the system you try to run it on? – mosvy Feb 9 at 15:07

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