I am a Debian user. Configuring different servers using Debian distro.

I am trying to install packages that locate into my /usr/ directory.

How do you install packages to the /usr/ directory?

I performed the following command -

# sudo apt-get install [package name]

I performed the whereis [package] command,

Any package I install just goes to the /etc/ directory.


I do not think that this is feasible. A package does not have a single location on the filesystem. When a debian package is created, the developer specifies what files go where. Later, during the actual installation, the files are placed in their desired locations.


  • you can list all your packages with dpkg -l (no root).
  • you can than check the content and the location with dpkg -L <package-name> (no root).
  • I was trying to set up a samba server, but samba's instructions has the directory of /usr/local/samba/ but when I installed it its installed at /etc/samba/ so I was just wondering if there was a way of installing samba to /usr/ or is /etc/samba/ is that only location to install samba to – ThomasJH Feb 8 at 21:01
  • A package like samba will install things all over the place, /etc for configuration, /usr for application/administration code, and /lib/modules/{kernel}/fs for the filesystem driver. – xenoid Feb 8 at 21:56

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