I am building a package for a QNX operating system and there is a script that executes several libtool commands in the following form:

/bin/bash ../libtool --tag=CC --mode=compile ${CC} -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I.. -I../include -I. -I../libname -I.. -MT filename.lo -MD -MP -c -o filename.lo filename.c

It compiles fine with gcc, but when I use qcc I get the following error:

cc: Can't specify -P, -C, -E, -c, or -S with -o and have multiple files

I have no idea where to go from here so I would appreciate any suggestions.

  • You're in a world of pain, because that package is nonchallantly using gcc with a lot of non-portable flags (-MT target, -MD, -MP) in order to build the dependency rule list to include in the Makefile. I suggest trying to install and use gcc instead of qcc. That package probably relies on a lot of other gcc quirks and extensions. – pizdelect Feb 8 at 18:56

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