I'm at Binutils tag binutils-2_31, and there is a directory:


with some tests that I'm interested in.

I've compiled the entire binutils with:


but the directory gas/testsuite didn't seem to be built.

How to build and run those tests?

Hopefully in verbose mode so I can see the full GAS command line.

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I've managed to run the tests with:

sudo apt-get install dejagnu
cd gas
make check

This runs the tests just for the target architecture you configured for of course. For example, for aarch64 tests:

./configure --target aarch64-elf
cd gas
make check

runs only the tests under:


You can confirm this by hacking one of the tests to fail. E.g., try editing:


to something wrong and watch it report a failure.

The generated log files seem to contain more information about what was run exactly:


Found with my loyal friends git clean -xdn and ls -lSr.

Tested in Ubuntu 16.04.

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