I am trying to configure a usable coding environment on a tails-os usb boot stick with persistent storage.

I've installed netbeans and composer, but I am unable to add plugins to netbeans, and I am unable to use composer. From the terminal, composer is unable to access the network. Netbeans does not provide me any error, but I suspect the same issue.

I have connected the Wifi, and to avoid DNS issues, I set the DNS to so that the OS knows where to reslove domain names.

When I ping from the terminal, I see "From icmp_seq=1 Destination Port Unreachable." This leads me to believe that the connection issue relates to the fact that local addresses are not accessible via Tails.

How do I force an unsafe connection to an external IP address directly?

Alternatively, how can I use composer or Netbeans safely in the Tails environment without violating the security protections?

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