I am very new to UNIX, learning groff with the help of cygwin on Windows XP SP3.

I have downloaded groff-binaries from here, but using cygwin, I could not able to re-produce ps files.

I have used following command in cygwin:

$ groff grnexmpl.me > grnexmpl.ps

But, in generated grnexmpl.ps file, all special formatting are gone. When I look inside the grnexmpl.ps.gz archive(comes with the binaries) and the grnexmpl.ps looks beautiful. It would be a great help if somebody assist me to understand what is going here? Am I missing something?


You need to tell groff which macros you want to use. In this case, you want

groff -ge -me -mwww grnexmpl.me > out.ps

If you want to see the picture of the circuit diagram, you'll also need grnexample.g present in the directory.

I found this by running grog to guess the macros, and then added the www macro, since I could see there was HTML in the source document.

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  • Thank you very much, for your prompt reply. The issue is solved now. The command works like charm. But, as you refers to grog, I just unable to run that. I could see the file to be present at /usr/bin/grog and I also have strawberry perl installed in my mc. But running command grog -Tdvi grnexmpl.me cygwin trows error «Can't open perl script "grog": No such file or directory». Could you please tell me, why? – Cylian Oct 5 '12 at 4:46
  • I guess using cygwin build perl would be the solution to run perl scripts from cygwin! – Cylian Oct 5 '12 at 7:05
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    @Cylian - Sorry, I don't use Cygwin. But it may be a path issue with the wrong Perl install: What is the reason for this “Can't open perl script : No such file or directory?” – ire_and_curses Oct 5 '12 at 7:44

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