I've been following this answer to use ffmpeg to convert and play some of my Audible audio-books in LinuxMint. Each book is a single source-file, but I've noticed that ffmpeg lists all the chapters at the start of conversion.

Is there a way to get ffmpeg to split the the book into chapters - convert each chapter into separate files (split by chapters)? Preferably by ffmpeg alone, but using other programs/scripts (together with ffmpeg) is also an option...

(I've seen a few other answers about splitting DVDs into chunks of even lengths or into chapters (using ffmpeg and a python-script), but that's not quite what I'm after, so I'm hoping it was a simpler way of doing it...)


You can use ffprobe to get the chapter start and end times with the command...

ffprobe -i fileName -print_format json -show_chapters

You can then use ffmpeg to split at the start and end times...

ffmpeg -i fileName -ss start -to end outFile

Be sure not to use "-t"; that needs a duration to convert. "-ss" and "-to" are time positions in the file.

You'll have to script it to have it done automagically.

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