I am having issues diagnosing what the root of my problem is (is sftp/tftp not working due to a configuration issue on my local laptop or a configuration issue on my linux system).

I have a Debian 7 Whitebox Switch that I am testing. One of the things I have to test is file transfer functionalities. I want to transfer an files to using sftp or tftp. When I try to tftp to my laptop from the whitebox, it will connect but I am unable to transfer files (when I do a tftp get request, it times out).

When I try to use sftp from my local system to the box, it authenticates, but the connection is almost immediately closed with the SFTP error #103. As a note here, the box is configured to use TACACS for authentication over SSH, those credentials were used to authenticate here. I have also tried enabling the root password on the system and authenticating that way does not appear to work either.

Results From SFTP Using MobaxTerm

Here is what my ip table looks like: iptable

The configuration guide for the whitebox I am using says that sftp and tftp should work out of the box. Here are the related packages on my system: enter image description here

As a workaround I was able to use python's SimpleHTTPServer & wget to transfer files, but I need to identify if there is something I have mis-configured or if there is an issue on the system I am testing.

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