Process: Regular start of the system: press the power button, select the element corresponding to the encrypted partition LUKS, in the boot menu Grub2.

* Operating system Fedora 28.
* /dev/sdx1 - boot partition.
* /dev/sdx2 - LUKS / root partition.
* exchange memory disabled.
* other components ...

Symptom: It is not possible to start the system as usual. The start is paralyzed before starting the system completely. The box where you enter the password to decrypt the partition does not appear. No prompt appears, where you enter the password to decrypt the partition.

Observations: Positive manual verification, regarding the operation of said partition. The access to said device happens in the expected way, through access to it, from another running system.

The problem seems to be related to the call to the function that the dialog box/propmt presents to the user.

System update to f27, ok -more or less!
System update to f28, the problem appears.

Test methodology: Forced deviation of the root FS, through a change of the same associated with devices such as /proc, /sys and /dev. Recursive assembly.
Changed chroot /. Generation of a new configuration file, for the boot manager and manual check /dev/disk/by-uuid, of the related identifiers in said configuration file. grub2-mkconfig -o /some/newFile.conf.

Activation and deactivation of options using the start console: as acpi, hight precision event timer and others ...

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