Based on this :


set -x
exec &>/tmp/log

    xinput list |
        awk '/Dell USB Keyboard/{print gensub(/.*id=([0-9]+).*/, "\\1", "1")}'
xdotool mousedown $1
while IFS= read -r event; do
    if [[ $event == *release* ]]; then
        xdotool mouseup $1
done < <(xinput test $id)

This works very well under Debian9 and Cinnamon 3.2.7, but not under Archlinux X86_64 + xfce 4.12.

My tests

The log when I press F1 key to drag & drop the border of a GUI application :

press :

+xinput list
+awk '/Dell USB Keyboard/{print gensub(/.*id=([0-9]+).*/, "\\1", "1")}'
+xdotool mousedown 1   # executed, but no action !
+read -r event
+xinput test 10

release key :

+[[ key release 67  == *release* ]]
+xdotool mouseup 1

The code is ran from xfce4 keyboard shortcuts configuration panel.

What is wrong ?

If I remove code and keep only

xdotool mousedown 1

I can drag & drop ! (but can't release it)

Any idea what's going bad?

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