History: I used BlueZ 5.43 to communicate with a bluetooth device:

  1. connect FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF
  2. select-attribute /org/bluez/hci/dev_ ...
  3. write 0x54

It takes some time, but it works.

Current issue:

Now I'm using the HCI commands defined in the Bluetooth Specification to connect to my device via hcitool cmd .... Works fine.

But: I can't write an ACL Data packet via hcitool cmd to my connected device:

  1. The ACL packet (see BT Core Spec Vol 2, Part E, 5.2.4) is sent with sudo hcitool cmd 02 40 00 08 00 04 00 04 00 12 0D 00 54
  2. The btmon shows the error: Unknown HCI Command
  3. Using sudo hcidump --r I see that the ACL packet is modified to 01 40 08 0B 00 08 00 04 00 04 00 12 0D 00 54.

How can I send a ACL Data packet via hcitool cmd?

Thank you, Tom

  • It seems that it's only possible with hcitool cmd to send a HCI_COMMAND_PKT. I don't think there is a possibility to send a HCI_ACLDATA_PKT, as I took a look at the hcitool source: hcitool.c: static void cmd_cmd(), line 1138. Is there a different tool to send a HCI_ACLDATA_PKT in Linux over command line? – drink Feb 6 at 11:38

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