I have been using CentOS 7 for a bit for my main homeserver, and I have decided to switch to Arch Linux, and may switch to Arch Linux as my main Linux Distro in general.

I have installed it on two computers thus far, an old Compaq TC-4400 and a Dell PowerEdge T610. On the Laptop, Gnome seems to run snapily, but on the PowerEdge, keyboard and mouse input are heavily lagged--Mate desktop works just fine, though.

Now I know that Gnome is a graphically intensive desktop and that CentOS is literally a server distribution, but Gnome runs way faster in CentOS, though I am sure it is probably designed a bit more light-weight.

I don't need a GUI, but I would prefer it, and would prefer one I like. Are there any ways to speed up the desktop environment? even the login screen is laggy.

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