I have a file with a list of words in it. How would I read the file and then create a menu so I could choose an animal from the list? Simple bash script, nothing fancy.

Example: animal.txt


Example: Desired menu

1 - dog
2 - cat
3 - lion
4 - bear

Select choice: 3

You chose a lion.
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    What have you tried to do? How far did you get, what problems did you face? – ilkkachu Feb 5 at 20:35

We don't generally do requests for scripts here, but I'll help you with the difficult bit.

Assuming a shell with the select functionality (such as bash). This should get you started:


PS3='Select choice: '
select ch in "dog" "cat" "lion" "bear"; do
    case $REPLY in
        [1-4]) break ;;
            *) echo 'Try again' >&2

printf 'You chose a %s\n' "$ch"

select in bash will display a menu and a prompt. The prompt is given by the value of the variable PS3.

The select statement is a loop, and in each iteration, the user will have made a choice. The choice number (or whatever the user types) is in $REPLY, and the actual menu item is in the variable given to the select statement (here it's $ch).

The case statement in the loop tests whether a valid response was given. If so (i.e. $REPLY was a single digit between 1 and 4), we break out of the loop. If any other thing was typed by the user, a short error message is printed and the loop runs its next iteration.

If you have more than 9 menu items, you may want to test for valid input in a more sophisticated way, since the $REPLY value may have more than one character in it.

After the loop, the choice from the menu is available in $ch.

  • Thank you for this. It is very helpful and produces the results I was looking for. – Scott Kampen Feb 5 at 22:06

Use mapfile and select.



mapfile -t animals < "animal.txt"

select animal in "${animals[@]}"; do
    echo "$animal"


$ ./animal.sh
1) dog
2) cat
3) lion
4) bear
#? 2
  • Thanks for the help. That is exactly what I was looking for. – Scott Kampen Feb 5 at 22:06

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