There's a video driver problem with GPT, the Apple A1286 Mid-2010 MacBook Pro machines, and NVIDIA GT330M drivers, and running Nouveau has its own problems, so I want to install Cinnamon Mint 19.1 using MBR partitioning so I can use the proprietary drivers. It will be the sole OS on this PC.

I had formatted the internal HDD from a LiveUSB generated by Rufus for MBR, but Mint 19.1 wants to repartition using GPT. How do I install Mint 19.1 and retain the MBR partition table?

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    Out of curiosity: does the GPT partition table really cause a video driver problem? GPT is just a disk partitioning scheme. I can see how UEFI (as opposed to legacy BIOS) might cause a video driver incompatibility, but that is a different thing. Mint probably wants to re-partition using GPT to be able to boot using the UEFI firmware. – Johan Myréen Feb 5 '19 at 23:35
  • Yes, it really does, only on MacBook Pro machines. Gotta go MBR. – K7AAY Feb 5 '19 at 23:39
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    Do you have a source for this? It makes no sense to me. I tried to search the net for this, but found nothing. This page talks a lot about booting Macs, but does not say MBR is required. It does mention that for good graphics performance on Linux you may need BIOS compatibility, and MBR as a consequence of that. The BIOS compatibility is the important thing here, and I'm pretty sure Mint won't object to MBR once you have switched to BIOS compatibility mode. – Johan Myréen Feb 6 '19 at 15:38
  • Found the explanation of why MBR needed after a pretty long search, lost it, will find it again and add it here. – K7AAY Feb 6 '19 at 17:36

Installed OK on the MBR-partitioned drive in this 2010 MacBook Pro A1286 once I

  • deleted the ext4 partition sda1 which had the entire drive
  • created a 1MB partition at the front as sda1 for MBR use. Then,
  • created an ext4 partition sda2 for the rest of the drive for root.

Now, Mint 19.1 install is complete, and I can work on the NVIDIA driver issue, serely confident that no other Apple strangeness will complicate this install. {/sarcasm}

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    OM, need MBR, not GPT. 73 & best regards. – K7AAY Feb 6 '19 at 18:18

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