Chart of Network Hierarchy

Modem/Router is connected to Internet (

No DHCP server is running on Modem/Router

Devices connect to the network through Wifi provided by Modem/Router

Devices receive DHCP settings from RPi (DHCP and DNS server) pointing to RPi as gateway (

Using IPv4 forwarding and SNAT devices can use the RPi internet connection (SNAT to

The problem

 •  I want to control traffic to split an DOWN/UP link
    with speed 5Mbps/1Mbps and 100GB/ Month quota

 •  The idea is to not allow a single user to saturate
    the link and give priority to PCs for online games

 •  The quota is mostly used by Youtube buffering at highest quality,
    so I need to put speed limit for each user to prevent Youtube
    from automatically buffering high quality

 •  The speed limits are generally there to control the quota I have

What I am looking for

 •  Each user gets a certain amount of traffic 1Mbps with a ceiling of 1.5Mbps

 •  Devices of each user split the traffic between each other as follows

   o    PC gets by Max 1Mbps with higher priority

   o    Phone gets Max 1Mbps with lower priority

 •  PCs usually play online games (mostly League of Legends) 
    so I need the lowest possible latency for PCs

I made a simple script using tc and the htb qdisc but I notice lag spikes during gaming

The tc script is here

Looking for better Solutions

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