I have this Website , I want my Website to work on Tablets too, I don't have a tablet... Therefore I am searching for a Virtual Touchscreen or Emulator for Desktops.

Because i have my website to build with hover Selector , i will to know how working it on Touchscreen ...

  • Please add more information to your question: What exactly should the emulator do? Emulate a touchscreen in contrast to a mouse? Provide different screen sizes and resolutions? Send a specific user agent string? Emulate a specific operating system, e.g. Android? – Bodo Feb 5 at 12:36

Use a VirtualBox, install android OS and make sure the the mouse is set to emulate a touchpad in the VirtualBox settings. That should be all you need.

Also look at the following:

The post on 12-01-2017, 08:02 PM, from this site: Here

  • Thanks for you answer ! , i think the best solution for me... , because later i will to try with Smartphones , i have not Smartphone , i have a cheap Mobil.... – 567hz Feb 5 at 13:06
  • , how to does it ? , i install Android OS on my Virtualbox , but i to try since 6 hour and i don't know how does it... – 567hz Feb 6 at 16:35
  • thanks, but i have to install Android OS on Virtualbox , my problem is how emulate the Touchscreen... – 567hz Feb 6 at 20:32
  • VirtualBox does that for you. – Michael Prokopec Feb 6 at 21:07

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