I managed to map the arrow keys, Home, and End to Mode_Switch+Letter (where mode switch is Caps Lock) as explained in this answer:

Bind CAPS+hjkl to arrow keys; CAPS to ESC

though if I want to select text, for example a full line using Shift+End, I cannot do it when using the combination Shift+Mode_Switch+Letter. Is it there a solution?


If you used Solution 2,

following xmodmap documentation:

The first keysym is used when no modifier key is pressed in conjunction with this key, the second with Shift, the third when the Mode_switch key is used with this key and the fourth when both the Mode_switch and Shift keys are used.

add the fourth keysym:

keycode 66 = Mode_switch
keysym h = h H Left Left
keysym l = l L Right Right
keysym k = k K Up Up
keysym j = j J Down Down
keysym u = u U Prior Prior
keysym i = i I Home Home
keysym o = o O End End
keysym p = p P Next Next

  • It works. Thanks for the answer. Now I just need to figure out how to disable layout switching when Mode_switch is pressed in KDE. – Simone Gaiarin Feb 12 '19 at 13:57

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