I have a trackball mouse and want to extend the scrolling capabilities. Because the horizontal scrollwheel is very limited, I thought about using the trackball for scrolling when pressing a particular button as follows:

  • Pressing the back (xev reports button 8) disables the trackball's mouse movement and remaps the horizontal/vertical trackball movement to horizontal/vertical scrolling (xev reports button 4 till 7 for scrolling).
  • Releasing the back undoes the remapping

Here is an example of a chrome extension which does exactly that, but I want to have this functionality systemwide.

I've investigated xev with no success regarding trackball movement and mapping. So my next idea is to investigate the /dev/input/mouse device and directly work with the trackball movement which seems to work. However, the two questions remain:

  • How do I unmap and map the trackball movement with the mouse movement?
  • Is there maybe an easier way to enable scrolling via trackball? (because writing an own program to capture mouse movements from /dev/input/mouse seems to be a bit overengineered.)
  • I would like to know as well, Have my Marble FX mouse from 1998 and I would like to use the red button on the side to 'activate' the scroll function with the big red ball. Sep 12 '19 at 12:46

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