I have given below details of an SFTP server to login.

ipaddress, username, password, port(8800), password protected ppk file.

I tried the following command to login to server but unable to connect.(I expected giving password to the key after executing the command. And also I have password for both username and key).

sftp -i key.pem username@ipaddress -P8800

Error message

ssh: connect to host xx.xx.xx.xxx port 22: Connection timed out
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

But I am able to telnet to server using below command.

telnet ipaddress 8800

How is it telnet working but sftp command not working? And how to pass port number in sftp command?

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You can see clearly from the error that you have pasted, that SFTP continues to attempt to connect on Port 22. Your '-P' arg is getting ignored.

Order of arguments is fairly important, or at least that 'username@ipaddress' should be at the end of the command is.

sftp  -P 8800 -i key.pem username@ipaddress

On RedHat/Fedora/CentOS there is no -i argument to sftp to specify a pem file - this is the syntax: sftp -P {port} -oIdentityFile={path to pem} {user}@{host}

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