I'm aiming to translate a Debian package to an RPM package to install it on a CentOS Linux 7 (Red Hat).
I used alien to accomplish it: alien --to-rpm --scripts --keep-version debian_pkg.deb. However, when I want to install the created rpm package, an error is raised from the preinst script. I saw online that there is a high likelihood that scripts written for Debian packages won’t work for RPM packages.

Is there an easy way to translate a Debian script to an RPM script? If not, is there any common patterns when you want to do the conversion?


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    If you need help resolving the immediate issue, maybe post a separate question with the actual generated preinst script and a description of how it's not working. – tripleee Feb 4 at 9:36
  • No the scripts in a .deb generally do not translate you are better off either finding a .rpm, extracting the contents of the .deb and manually installing, or building from source code. – Panther Feb 4 at 16:56

No, the best effort there is is alien and the problems it has are not easily rectified programmatically.

If you do find that you know how to fix something it doesn't do properly, I'm sure the maintainers would welcome a patch.

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