I need to remove a specific pattern from a text file.

check this (2005)
right now (2003)

I tried using sed for this purpose, however I receive an error.

sed 's/\s(.*)//d' file.txt

I want to remove the following patterns from the file:


The one space character before the bracket also needs to be removed.


The substitute command s does not have a d flag.

There's a d (delete) command though:

sed '/ (.*)$/d' file.txt

This would delete all lines from the input that contains a parenthesised string at the end of the line, preceded by a space (which is not what you want to do).

Instead, drop the flag and do an ordinary substitution with nothing:

sed 's/ (.*)$//' file.txt

To restrict the deletion to only parentheses that contain four-digit numbers:

sed 's/ ([0-9]\{4\})$//' file.txt

You can just do this:

sed 's| (....)||g' file.txt

That will remove four occurrences of any character within parentheses with each . representing one character. It also removes the space before the bracket.

If there are several characters between the parentheses then you can use a glob:

sed 's| (.*)||g' file.txt

Once you have confirmed that it does what you want, add i to edit the file in-place.

sed -i 's| (....)||g' file.txt

sed -i 's| (.*)||g' file.txt

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