How do I diagnose a nix-build failing?

Currently I see output as:

nix build -v
warning: dumping very large path (> 256 MiB); this may run out of memory
building '/nix/store/fdrm6kbm68vld3bhfjizv684ck725lyf-blog.drv'...
builder for '/nix/store/fdrm6kbm68vld3bhfjizv684ck725lyf-blog.drv' failed with exit code 1; last 5 log lines:
  unpacking sources
  unpacking source archive /nix/store/s7r5vlvp49ad6a9d5hqhsiaxw691iyhf-Blog
  source root is Blog
  patching sources
[0 built (1 failed), 0.0 MiB DL]
error: build of '/nix/store/fdrm6kbm68vld3bhfjizv684ck725lyf-blog.drv' failed

I'd expect to find some logs / errors of why it failed to build?

Following from https://stackoverflow.com/a/47264375/1663462:

I've tried adding build-cache-failures = true; to the default.nix however I still see no output from:

nix-store --read-log

And nix-store --query-failed-paths results in:

error: no operation specified
Try 'nix-store --help' for more information.

Reading log should work. Did you specify the derivation? /nix/store/fdrm6kbm68vld3bhfjizv684ck725lyf-blog.drv

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    If by that you mean nix-store --read-log /nix/store/fdrm6kbm68vld3bhfjizv684ck725lyf-blog.drv then yes this seems to add additional info. – Chris Stryczynski Feb 8 at 18:36
  • Sometimes it's also useful to build with --keep-failed to retain the temporary directory of the build. – Vladimír Čunát Feb 8 at 19:19


Also there is a --debug flag you can pass...

Seems I've been using nix build instead of nix-build???.

Also might be this bug: https://github.com/NixOS/nix/issues/2176

  • From the link: At the beginning of each phase, the set of all shell variables is written to the file env-vars at the top-level build directory. This is useful for debugging: it allows you to recreate the environment in which a build was performed. For instance, if a build fails, then assuming you used the -K flag, you can go to the output directory and “switch” to the environment of the builder – Ben Creasy Sep 23 at 1:28

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