The situation: Hotel Wifi with login-site. 4 devices are allowed. Each device gets 2 MBit/s speed. I have a Raspberry-PI 3 and wondered whether it is possible to connect with 4 different source MACs with one wifi chip. Hotel wifi controller thinks there are 4 different devices and now I have 8 MBit/s which is much better usable. Of course I must take care about link aggregation but for that on I know how to continue (at least theoretically). E.g. i have my root server with OpenVPN UDP running to connect to and must somehow tell the server to send data to 4 different connections on the same IP. But thats step to. Lets go step number one first.

So is it possible to create multiple virtual wifi adapters to connect to the same Wifi and thus get multiple (local) IP adresse? Can you shorty describe how to or give a link?

  • In principle, using different stations (STA) with a single wifi card is possible. I don't know if the RaspPi 3 wifi card allows this, though. Look at "valid interface combinations" in iw phy. And you'll still have to deal with each STA having a different IP address, which is not easy, and falls under the FAQ "can I use multiple ISP providers". – dirkt Feb 3 at 12:18

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