I've been using Ubuntu 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish) for about 1 month, I've done some small customization like installing the compizconfig to change some stuff and gnome extensions to have Dash-to-Dock and make UI looks nicer, but when I go to the unity settings page and change cursor to another theme it changes on the current session, after startup all the config I make to cursors or icons (launcher and nautilus) are gone.



Found the solution myself, but, it's good to keep here in case someone stumbles upon the same problem, my configuration file was corrupted, to solve it, I had to erase my conf and reboot the system doing the following in a terminal window CTRL+ALT+T or run from launcher

rm -rf ~/.config/dconf/user

Worked for me and I could change settings and then they got saved at last

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