I've map a keyboard combination to execute the command amixer sset Master 4%+ and it does nothing.

I plug my headset via the jack 3.5 port and in pavucontrol/Pulseaudio I can control de volume but not so in alsamixer.

How can I manage to control my audio via alsamixer? If not possible, which command can I use to change the volume with pulseaudio?


assuming 'Master' is listed as an ALSA control element
amixer command should work with addition of --card X
where X = correct ALSA device number
(eg amixer --card X sset Master 4%+)
man amixer has examples of this usage using the shorter -c option

command amixer --card X will list all ALSA settings
same data as alsamixer but in text format

equivalent command for Pulseaudio pactl set-sink-volume requires index number/name of sink and adjustment value

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