I am trying to setup a page that redirects to an sh file so I don't have to lookup the actual URL when I need it, but I can't get curl to follow the redirect even when using -L. what am I doing wrong? The link I am using to redirect is here

  • What are you sending as the "redirect" page? A HTTP 301 response with a Location header is required. – Stephen Harris Jan 31 at 0:42
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    It would help if you included an (edited) output of curl -L -v http://your_url -o /dev/null into your question. – mosvy Jan 31 at 1:00

Your link is using a html redirect instead of a http redirect so here is a dirty hack;

URL=$(curl -s https://hbiede.com/defaults | grep http | perl -pe 's/.*=(http)/$1/g;s/".*//g')
curl -s "$URL" > defaults.sh 

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