So I've made a btrfs filesystem that spans across one logical drive (md1) and a USB drive. its all raid 0. so that:

sata/        \  
               btrfs called "Storage"

I've put a line in fstab using UUID=

UUID=2cf6d402-7279-4bdd-b0f8-6931c5db9fe1 /media/<user>/Storage auto x-gvfs-show 0 0

When I mount it via command line ie sudo mount -a everything mounts normally and the only mount point is /media/user/Storage

However, if I reboot it mounts twice for some reason. I get one at /m/u/Storage and another at /m/u/Storage1.

I've noticed this has something to do with the label because before it used to mount at /m/u/btrfs and /mnt/Storage, only the latter of which was in my /etc/fstab.

has me scratching my head. PS, ubuntu mini iso installation with mate-desktop-minimal, 18.04 lts. normal kernel fresh install all packages up to date. I'm making a nas

EDIT: I've commented out the fstab and rebooted. The filesystem still mounts at /media/user/Storage. Is this normal BTRFS behavior in ubuntu? And can it be switched off? I wouldn't mind this if I could change its mountpoint; I don't want it in the user directory.

  • Are you logged in with some graphical desktop? Perhaps that's mounting the filesystem. Try booting into a text mode only environment and then logging in as root and checking the mounts then. – wurtel Jan 30 at 15:33
  • i am using a gui, mate. is there a way i can make mate not mount btrfs at boot? – Julian Barber Mar 9 at 11:07
  • 1
    I don't think that this second mount has anything to do with BTRFS. It's probably an auto-mounter (udisks2?) that mounts your USB drive. – Kusalananda Mar 9 at 11:26
  • ok so i need to figure out how to exclude a specific device from udisks2. i can manage that i think. thanks – Julian Barber Mar 10 at 0:01

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