I know how to map mouse click for F1, F2 and F3 (respectively left click, middle click, right click):

xkbset m   # required, but disable keypad
xmodmap -e "keycode 67 = Pointer_Button1 Pointer_Button1"
xmodmap -e "keycode 68 = Pointer_Button2"
xmodmap -e "keycode 69 = Pointer_Button3"

But this requires me to use xkbset m that use the slow keys mode :

If I press 4 from the keypad, it moves the cursor to the left. I don't need this feature, just the mapping above.

I tried to figure it out with xdotool, but I don't know how to handle key pressed/key released (for drag & drop) with

xdotool mousedown 1
xdotool mouseup 1

How can I not use this mode or how can I remap all keypad keys ?

What about the numeric and arithmetic signs from keypad please ?

Is there another solution ?

For information, needed for Debian (cinnamon) and Archlinux (xfce), and if possible, I would like a solution not based on the window manager.


Tried this solution but I can't drag and drop with F1.

In ~/.xbindkeysrc :

"xdotool mousedown 1"
"xdotool mouseup 1"
    F1 + Release

Or :

"xdotool mousedown 1"
    m:0x10 + c:67
"xdotool mouseup 1"
    m:0x10 + c:67 + Release

Then :

xset -r 67


Tried with actkbd

# actkbd configuration file
<keycode ("67")> :key : :xdotool mousedown 1
<keycode ("67")> :rel : :xdotool mouseup 1

No cigar :/

Adapted from here

  • Does xdotool do what you need? – joat Jan 30 at 11:59
  • The problem with xdotool is the key pressed, like drag and drop with left click. If you found a solution that is working with xdotool and drag&drop, I will accept it – Mévatlavé Kraspek Jan 30 at 12:23
  • Added solution that is not working for me with xdotool and xbindkeys – Mévatlavé Kraspek Jan 30 at 17:29
  • Added actkbd way with no luck :/ – Mévatlavé Kraspek Jan 31 at 16:42

W00T !

First : create a script click:


    xinput list |
        awk '/Dell USB Keyboard/{print gensub(/.*id=([0-9]+).*/, "\\1", "1")}'
xdotool mousedown $1
while IFS= read -r event; do
    if [[ $event == *release* ]]; then
        xdotool mouseup $1
done < <(xinput test $id)

Then add a new keyboard shortcut in your window manager and map F1 to run /path/to/mouse <1|3> (left OR right click).

Et voilà ;)

This can be ran with xbindkeys to be WM agnostic


don't know why this doesn't work with archlinux + xfce 4.12 but on Debian9 + Cinnamon

Edit :

This solution works better :

In .bashrc :

xmodmap -e "keycode 67 = Pointer_Button1 Pointer_Button1"
xmodmap -e "keycode 68 = Pointer_Button2"
xmodmap -e "keycode 69 = Pointer_Button3"

As a keyboard shortcut :


    xinput list |
        awk '/Dell USB Keyboard/{print gensub(/.*id=([0-9]+).*/, "\\1", "1")}'

    while read event; do
        if [[ $event == *release* ]]; then
            xkbset -m
    done < <(xinput test $id)
) &
xkbset m
  • I think xkbset m is useless here. xdotool doesn't need it. – L. Levrel Feb 4 at 15:59
  • Fixed some minor bugs – Mévatlavé Kraspek Feb 4 at 16:21

You can implement a "mouse toggle" action with this command in .xbindkeysrc (there is a typo in your first edit, it is not .xbindkeys):

"if [ ! -e /tmp/mouse_token ] ; then touch /tmp/mouse_token ; xdotool mousedown 1 ; else rm -f /tmp/mouse_token ; xdotool mouseup 1 ; fi"

It will create an empty file /tmp/mouse_token to keep track of the mouse button state. For some_key you may use F1, which means you will have to press it twice to get a single click, or use another key (e.g. F4).

Note: on my system, for an unknown reason, the press event for F keys does not trigger the xbindkeys binding, only the release event does. If the same happens on yours, use release+F1 for some_key.

Note2: by default xbindkeys does not check NumLock, so you can drop the m:0x10 modifier if you did not set keystate_numlock = enable in the rc file.

  • I already have a solution like this, but I would like to be able to really have a F1 key like left click, with the same behavior. Because I need F1 to do simple clicks and drag and drop with the same key. Moreover, the solution doesn't work – Mévatlavé Kraspek Feb 4 at 12:08
  • @MévatlavéKraspek OK, I understand. I also want to make clear that I tested my solution and it does work on my system (in case that's why you downvoted). – L. Levrel Feb 4 at 12:59

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