I searched on askubuntu, stackoverflow and I found this:

  1. $ mkfifo fif.pipe

  2. $ bash script.sh < fif.pipe

  3. $ echo 'say HELLO' > fif.pipe (say command do something in the script)

But after $ bash script.sh < fif.pipe I got a blank output:


cd /opt/cfx-server
[ -d cache ] || mkdir cache

exec /opt/cfx-server/FXServer $SERVER_ARGS $*


bash start.sh +exec server.cfg

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    What happens if you try a simple cat < fif.pipe and, in another shell, echo 'say HELLO' > fif.pipe? The issue might depend on your script. What does it do? – fra-san Jan 30 at 9:49
  • The script starts a game server(FiveM) – Bogdan Jan 30 at 9:51
  • How about running your script in the background? – oh.dae.su Jan 30 at 9:53

That's because if you read or write to pipe, program will wait until other side will open pipe.

mkfifo pipe

In one terminal: echo "hey" > pipe

Program is waiting

In second terminal: cat pipe

In both terminals you can see prompt.

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