My laptop has a WDC WD10JPCX-24UE4T0. It spins down after 5 seconds of idle. That is pretty annoying.

How can I change the spindown time?

I have tried:

hdparm -S 200 /dev/sda
hd-idle -i 100 -a sda

The disk spins down after 5 seconds still.


Not only annoying! It would make the drive dead in a matter of months probably.

So far I have found out you need to change APM level to allow suspending disks by setting:

hdparm -B 127 /dev/sdX

Where 127 is actually the maximum value allowing suspending drives (spindown).

And then you can change the suspend value with:

hdparm -S 241 /dev/sdX

From the man page:

Values from 241 to 251 specify from 1 to 11 units of 30 minutes, yielding timeouts from 30 minutes to 5.5 hours.

You'll need a service file for this to persist on suspend and reboot. Wait for it.

Something like this should work:

Description=hdparm sleep

ExecStart=/sbin/hdparm -S 241 -B 127 /dev/sda

WantedBy=multi-user.target suspend.target

Save it as root to:


Then you'll need to activate it with:

systemctl enable hdparm.service

Take this service file only as an example, read thoroughly the hdparm man page!

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    How do you the op is using both Linux and systemd? Great answer +1 – Rui F Ribeiro Jan 30 at 10:01
  • Did not solve the problem. It still spins down very fast (less than 30 seconds). – Ole Tange Feb 9 at 7:31

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