I have a working SIM card in my machine and installed the Modem Manager GUI software to receive SMS. I have tested the SIM card in a phone, it works. Using it to access WWAN from the computer also works. But no SMS shows up in MM GUI.

I'm using elementary OS on a Thinkpad 480s, with a Fibocom L830-EB module.

When I run MM GUI from the terminal, the following errors show up:

(modem-manager-gui:13543): libnotify-WARNING **: 02:15:38.279: Failed to connect to proxy

(modem-manager-gui:13543): GLib-CRITICAL **: 02:15:38.279: g_strrstr: assertion 'haystack != NULL' failed

** (modem-manager-gui:13543): WARNING **: 02:15:38.315: Network Manager >= 0.9.0: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden [meaning: file or directory not found]

Any idea how to fix this or alternative suggestions for receiving SMS? Or do you think this might be a problem specific to elementary OS?

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