I have the following issue: I'm using Putty to operate an application on a Unix system. After some tweaking, I get the response as it should, colors, borders of pop-up screens.

One thing does not work the way it should: When, in the application, I request a selection-list, I get this "pop-up window". When I scroll down the list, I see the "active seletion" move down the list. perfect. But when I reach the end of the screen, the whole "list" should "scroll up". Instead of refreshing the content of this whole window, putty only updates the line at the end of the window.

So, the result is that, while scolling down, I see the content of the list flashing by in the bottom of this "window", but the rest is "frozen".

Until I move the selector up. Each line the selector moves to, gets "refreshed" and displays the correct content on that position in the list.

So, it looks like the unix-application returns the correct list-data to display, but Putty doesn't refresh it because it updates only the line that has the cursor.

This scrolling-behaviour works correct with Reflection.

Did I miss something in the Putty-settings that might influence this? Example terminal display --- addendum I did the following things:

  1. Putty stores it's settings in windows registry, there is a key for this session named "TerminalType". I changed the value of this key to VT500-7, the correct terminal type, no change. Then changed the value VT525, no change either.

  2. In the terminal application REFLECTION, I changed the terminal type from VT500-7 to xterm. The terminal output changed to the exact same characters and color-sceme as Putty, confirming that Putty didn't change to the requested Terminal Type VT500-7. BUT! I expected the to reproduce the same scroll-problem where the list in the "popup-window" wouldn't shift up or down. To my surprise, the list DID shift, the way it's supposed to.

It must be something else beside TerminalType, the application works in xterm just as well.

  • Is PuTTY itself running on Windows or a UNIX/Linux system? – roaima Jan 29 at 13:55
  • Hi Roaima, I'm running putty on Windows – Asgair Jan 30 at 23:00
  • Does the PuTTY terminal type match the terminal type you've declared to your application via the TERM variable? (As examples, vt220 or ansi or linux.) – roaima Jan 30 at 23:11
  • Please also take a look at Nano editor - display not updating with PuTTY to see if any of the suggestions there solve your issue too. – roaima Jan 30 at 23:13
  • The server is beyond my control, it's a commercial application. What I CAN see from the Reflection-terminal, that does display the pop-up list correctly is this: [VT500-7 -- lisp via TELNET] And in the answerback ^E [<terminalname>,u] I don't have a clue what the "u" stands for... – Asgair Feb 1 at 7:31

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