I have two systemd services application.service and feh@.service. application.service is enabled and usually running. feh@.service is not enabled and started only manually and has a Conflicts=application.service entry.

I want to achieve, that if application.service is running and I start an instance of feh@.service, that application service terminates. This is currently working due to the Conflicts=application.service entry mentioned above.

However, a data synchronization service periodically restarts application.service via systemctl restart application.service remotely. I would like this to fail if, and only if, feh@.service is running. Currently this will shutdown the feh@.service instance and start application.service. I could not find anything related to this in the official documents of systemd.

Background info:

I cannot let the remote service check for feh@.service because this only exists on a few machines (it is an exceptional configuration) and is not part of the usual infrastructure. I also do not want to stop the service, since it also controls other devices that may not run feh@.service.

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We had very similar problem; I would consider this response as the way to solve it; also I would test After= and Before= using ExecStartPre=

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