Just finished my research regarding over-allocation's negative impact to VMs (Wintel).

Over-allocation - usage is 2vCPU | allocated is 32vCPU

I have not found any link regarding any negative impact with UNIX/Linux machines -- specifically, LPARS running in P-Series with an over-allocation of Memory.

Are there any negative effects?

  • What was the outcome of your analysis regarding Wintel? In general, there's obviously a negative impact on efficiency - if you have 10 LPARs where the workload only requires 10GB RAM, and you allocate 100GB RAM to each LPAR, you basically wasted 900 GB of expensive RAM. On a more specific note, if you over-allocate, then the page adress translation table for a given LPAR will grow larger, hence the hypervisor will need more RAM for itself, which could instead be used for your actual workload. – doktor5000 Feb 2 at 15:18

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