I have a VPN in a raspberry pi mounted with "pivpn" which works fabulously from any device. The problem is that I have a web server which works locally and I have no problem if I access without the vpn working (inside the web server starts with a .conf).

The problem is that if I have active the tun client I can access from the vpn and from any device but not from outside. That is, if the ip is I can access from any device with vpn client. But if the external ip is I can only access the web and that port if ..:

I have turned off the vpn server I enter that ip with the active vpn client in the device that checks it. I have tried in the remote directive to test both with the local ip of the vpn server and with the external ip and in both cases it only works to access from outside if the vpn server is turned off or I enter with the vpn client from that device.

Any ideas?

  • Could u please add ther server.config and the client.config files. I guess you are using some rule like push "redirect-gateway def1 bypass-dhcp"Quote from OpenVPN Manpage: --redirect-gateway flags... Automatically execute routing commands to cause all outgoing IP traffic to be redirected over the VPN. – AlexOnLinux Feb 10 at 15:50

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