I am using Debian 9, and currently, I do not have my Phone with me. Usually, I start Skype and log in and then it will ask me for my Keyring login. Now I do not have my Phone with me, so I can not log in to Skype. But now I cannot use my .ssh keys and any other login, because it never asked me for my Keyring password. I also tried to use Chrome, but even with google-chrome --password-store=keyring it does not ask me for my Password when saving passwords.

I am basically unable to login anywhere with my ssh key.

I asked the admin to chown -R and chmod 666 -R my .ssh, but it still says access denied .ssh/.

  • Any log entries or error? Also, is that permission correct for .ssh, i think its typically 700. – Atul Jan 28 at 17:08

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