i want use openvpn on Linux Mint. When i tries the VPN connection (i am client) i writes these commands :

sudo openvpn --config file.tcp.ovpn

then my authorization

Enter Auth Username: user_xy


Enter Auth Password: *********

everything seems fine and terminal prints "Initialization Sequence Completed".

I found out if my router is in "Bridge mode" the openVPN works correctly, but if i set the "Gateway mode" openvpn does not work. I also use VPN application on my mobile phone (it is not openVPN but "TURBO-VPN") and there all works great with both router mode. I have requirement that I need the gateway mode on my router because of NAT.

additional information :

The modes on router set over http here :

enter image description here

  • In the router you should select "Gateway". Than read the contents of you file less file.tcp.ovpn. You need to find out the Protocol Type - in your case TCP i guess - and the Protocol Port. When u have these informaiton you have to create firewall / nat rules in your router. Commented Feb 10, 2019 at 15:57

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You have to create NAT rules on your router. Looking on this scenario from internet perspective, create forward port TCP/UDP 1194 TO your computer inside local network (LAN). You need to tell your router, what to actually do with such traffic. That would be something like:

far OpenVPN peer -> internet -> your router -> forward UDP/TCP port 1194 packets to -> your computer inside LAN (eg. 

Make also sure that such traffic is allowed on the firewall (if is enabled).

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