I'm having this issue where many unicode symbols aren't displayed(just boxes instead) on websites.
But aren't they supposed to be loaded(by the browser) from external sources?
If not, what fonts do I need to get so I'd have no trouble with that?

My setup: Gentoo + dwm + Google Chrome

No extensions are used.
E.g., hyphen isn't displayed.
fc-list output

  • Do you have uBlock origin (for example) installed as an extension in your browser? It has an option to block remote fonts or to allow them. As for installing fonts, upload the output of fc-list somewhere so that people don't suggest fonts you already have. And specific examples of websites would help. – DK Bose Jan 28 at 2:14
  • Do you have a specific example of a glyph/website that doesn't work? – Sparhawk Jan 28 at 2:21
  • I had a similar issue and installing media-fonts/noto fixed it for me. – IronPig Jan 28 at 14:20

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