I'm installing Gimp (2.6.10) on Debian. The system has all the required libraries (dependencies) installed in the default directories, so giving to Gimp

./configure && make && make install

completes fine, and installs Gimp.

But I compiled some of the dependencies manually, for needed performance. These are GEGL, Glib, and BABL. All them are correctly installed in

--prefix /usr/handsoftware

I configure Gimp with these essential flags: (there are more flags to strip down unused features from the binary)

./configure --prefix=/usr/handsoftware/ PKG_CONFIG_PATH="../gegl/:../babl/" CXXFLAGS="-march=pentium4 -O3" CXXFLAGS="-march=pentium4 -O3"

where PKG_CONFIG_PATH points to the source directories of GEGL and BABL from which these libraries were compiled and installed. I don't know if this setting is correct nor required.

This ./configures correctly, but make fails pointing out that gegl.h is missing.

gegl.h is installed in two points in my system:

  1. in the GNU include standard directory, where it's been installed by APT

  2. in ../gegl/ , as pointed by PKG_CONFIG_PATH

I have to point Gimp to the manually-installed includes rather than to the ones installed by APT, as the formers are those compatible with the manually installed library. Can I do this?

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You need to put the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable in front of ./configure also I'm not sure if configure stores that value somewhere. My gut tells me not. PKG_CONFGURE_PATH is an environment variable and needs to be set, always. So you should export it prior to starting the build process. Also, PKG_CONFIG_PATH needs to point where the .pc files are. Are those the correct directories? I think it should rather be /path/to/glib/install/dir/lib/pkgconfig. You should always use absolute paths!

You are probaly still in trouble. You need something called a "staging" directory, where you install all your stuff. Gimp does not link libraries like glib statically. This means when you start your self-built gimp it needs to find libglib.so in your self-built version. This means the path to (for example) libglib.so needs to be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or mentioned in /etc/ld.so.conf. Is that the case in your current setup?

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