Recently I had issues with my dual boot Linux Mint/Windows 10 instillation. It wouldn't boot. My computer would turn on and it said Error: Unknown Filesystem. Then put me at a Grub Recovery prompt. That was an easy enough fix. I just set my prefix and root to the proper partition, typed insmod normal, normal, and I could get the boot menu to pop up and load into Windows without a problem. (That's how I'm writing this message, now.)

My problem, Linux won't boot. It hangs saying:

"A start job is running for Hold until boot process finishes up (20min 00s / no limit)"

And it just sits there endlessly, not booting. During the process before it starts hanging, I get a FAILED notification while the screen is scrolling through the boot process-or whatever it scrolls through while booting. It says "Failed to start Light Display Manager."

enter image description here

Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know how to fix it?

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