On my system (debian stretch) There is a folder full of files which all define different dbus services, provided by different appliactions:


The files there are named like the services they provide (like recommended by freedesktop.org )

So what if two packages want to provide the same service ? E.g this one:


No good idea to overwrite the service file installed by package "A" with the service file of package "B" for obvious reason.

I could add the name of the package to the service file, so that both packages could place their service file into the same folder. According to the dbus doc, dbus-daemon will than pick one at random:

If two service files providing the same well-known bus name are found in the same directory, it is arbitrary which one will be chosen (this can only happen if at least one of the service files does not have the recommended name, which is its well-known bus name followed by ".service").

As well not very nice.

The cleanest solution comming to my mind would be, to provide one dbus-1 <servicedir> per filemanager(package) installation. So, according to the dbus-daemon docs the first directory listed in the global dbus configuration file would win.

However at least for debian such a structure seems not to exists ... how this is handled currently ? Is there some option to choose a preferred application for each service ?

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