I've over 10 windows of a file manager (Thunar, on Xubuntu Core 18.04) open, but ps aux|grep thunar shows nothing (except for the grepped string). Why? ps -e doesn't not show anything either.

EDIT: I suspect a reason may be that the location (in the address bar) in those windows is an ejected external media. Another one may be that I didn't open the windows (they opened automatically when I plugged in the media), so the processes might not be mine. However, this still doesn't explain thunar not showing up. The problem persist after logout


Thunar used to use a capital 'T' in its name. The package for 18.04 has both Thunar and thunar in it. Try changing your grep command to ignore case:

ps aux | grep -i thunar

  • You were right. I find it very confusing (and a bug: if thunar maps to [Tt]hunar, it should do so system-wide) – jaam Jan 25 at 12:07

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